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Master the art of rhythm egg-beating

Scrambled is a rhythm-action video game developed by Sunscale Studios for PC. In this combat-style game, you will play the role of a slice of bread who will fight, beat up, and crack the eggs. Adding spiciness to the game, you must learn to balance your great combat skills and sense of rhythm, as your attacks must be in sync to the beat in order to successfully land strikes against the egg enemy and complete each game level. The current version of this game is still in the alpha stage which means that Sunscale Studios is still working on the full commercial release of the game.

Fight eggs to the beat

Scrambled provides various game level environments such as Sunshine, Moon, Swing, Pirate, and Hell. Each game mode is relatively different, which varies from the battlefield design, amount of egg enemies, and speed of music tracks. Once you complete each level, you will be rewarded by scores, ranks, and other related performance reports that will recognize your skills. 

Launching this action game is never a problem as it runs smoothly on desktop. Upon launching, you will be greeted by its interface that lets you choose among Play, the button to start the battle; Options, the button to see and modify game settings; and Quit, the button to end or close the game. If you proceed with clicking the play button, you will be redirected to a game page wherein you can choose the battlefield you wanna play. There are also small tabs neatly laid out in the left corner which allows you to perfect your skills some more, see the game controls, and shop the new moves that will lead you to victory. 

Considering that Scrambled is still on its demo stage, it already shows off notable performance and exceptional gameplay. This is definitely a game worth checking out, especially for those who love to play rhythm games and want some action alongside the music.


  • Enjoyable gameplay
  • Exciting and thrilling rhythm sounds
  • The game app runs smoothly
  • Supports full controller support


  • Oft-times the movement of slice bread is not fluid

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Scrambled 2.0 for PC

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